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😍 What is the AB Drills ?😍

😍 What is the AB Drills ?😍

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Have you fallen in love with the shine and glitter found in diamond paintings? Are you ready to take your diamond painting to the next level with superior sparkle?😍

Most diamond paintings ship with the beads, also known as drills, to complete your diamond painting. However, some of us want a little more glitz and a chance to make it our own. We, as diamond painting enthusiasts (aka addicts – you know who you are), see the possibilities that the prismatic effect that aurora borealis drills can offer to a diamond painting.  

👉What does AB mean?

AB is the abbreviation for Aurora Borealis. An iridescent coating is applied to the surface of the drill creating a beautiful rainbow effect over the base color of the drill. With some colors this tends more towards the silvery tones and with others more blues and greens. These flashes of colors will shift with lighting.

👉Why add AB Drills to your Diamond Painting?

AB drills will add an additional element of sparkle and shine you can’t achieve with standard colored drills. Adding AB drills also provides an excellent opportunity to add additional shading and/or change out colors within the diamond painting for those you find more to your liking. This can be easy in small sections – replace peach with pink or muddy colors with more vibrant tones. Changing lighter colors will result in beautiful hgihlights. Changing darker colors will bring forth hidden depths. Remember this is your piece of creative artwork. Make it your own!

Ab is a coating added for iridescence

Dmc is the standardized number given to the color palette.

Crystal is a clear drill like a rhinestone instead of solid or opaque


Color: as shown in the picture
Space: living room / bedroom / classroom / entrance
DIY Diamond Painting Steps:
1, Open the box, check the kits whether complete.
2, According to the color code, choose a color into the plate;If you paste the same color at the same time, you can increase the speed.
3, Find the symbols in picture, beginning paste until finish it.
4. When you finish it,put some books on top, let it more firmly.
5. Congratulations, you can go to frame up and decorate your home now!
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