Which format should I choose?

Which format should I choose?

The small diamond paintings we offer are perfect for diamond paintings with very little detail. As such, film and cartoon series are great for small diamond paintings, where there is relatively little detail. All other diamond paintings with relatively little detail also appear in smaller sizes. Small format refers to 20x20cm, 20x25cm and 25x30cm formats.

Best size for your own photo diamond painting

For your own photo paintings, we recommend a minimum size of 40x50 cm, as many details are usually included in your own photos. It would be a shame if these were not reflected in the photos you submitted. The format most often chosen for my own photo paintings is the 50x60cm format. Do you have a photo or picture of yourself with little detail? Then in principle you can also choose a smaller size. Order your own photo painting here.

Note that it is not a one-to-one copy of the original image. Colors may vary slightly.

Size of canvas

When choosing a canvas size, be sure to look carefully at how many people, dogs, etc. are in the photo. We recommend that the main part of the image be 70-90% of the frame for an ideal diamond painting.

When in doubt, here's an important rule of thumb: the bigger the size, the more detail on the diamond painting!


Size chart

Size Suggest
Photos or images with a small amount of detail and color.
For example: cartoon pictures or sample packs with little color and detail
Photos or images with details and colors.
For example: animals and portraits with only one person and/or one animal in beautiful colors.
A photo or image with lots of details and lots of different colors.
For example: a picture of an animal in an environment with multiple colors or with several people.
A photo or image has a lot of detail and a lot of different colors.
For example: a colorful landscape or a photo of several people. Therefore, these formats are among the most popular!


If you still can't figure it out or want advice on the correct format? Welcome to contact us. We are happy to serve you.

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